Friday, July 8, 2011 find out why it is the best

So, this is my first review of an adult social networking site. Also it happens to be my favorite adult social network since I have joined. The best thing is it has just as many member features as the larger social networks like: facebook, myspace, etc. But, the best thing of course it is for adults only and has all the features of a adult membership site like x rated vides, live webcams, and adult pictures.  Yet all the content of the site is user uploaded.  All cams are user cams and not some web model is Europe.  The site even has voyeur house cams where you can watch members in their house live 24/7. 
The site is Rude it has been around for years now and has a large member and content database!
Here are some of the best features:
IT”S FREE For Basic Membership
48 HR VIP Membership is only $1 !!!

The Hottest video chat
Live Private Calls With Video Streaming
Video Player + Video Recorder
Extensive Real User Photo & Video Galleries
Custom Profiles (public and private)
Rude TV – Watch Adult Stars Live
I could go on but I’ll let you browse around the site yourself.

Being a female with a huge sexual appetite, some of the things i like about is the fact that they do not just cater to guys on the site, they also have a good amount of content for ladies also. The site also has content and users who enjoy all types of fetishes, that the best thing whatever your cup of tea you will definitely find it and more.
Ok, there are some bad things about this site. Yes, sad but true. To be honest there are some features such as Hi Def full length adult movies that you have to pay tokens for in order to download it to your computer.  Another thing I do like about is that they allow adult entertainers to publish their content on the sites. Most of all the site allows us adults to explore our  sexuality and enjoy being in a community where you won’t get banned for posting adult related content.
In the end, I will say if you aren’t a member of yet then you are missing out on some really hot fun!


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